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Friends hiring Friends, leads to Major League Baseball firing search firm Korn Ferry #mlb

Major League Baseball is serious about improving its diversity within front office and in managerial positions around the league.  That is why no one is shocked about the news that search firm Korn Ferry has been fired after failing “to place a single minority in a front office job in its time working for MLB.”  Although the organization has a decent track record with other leagues including the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, the MLB found different results.

According to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, “There were so many conflicts of interest with Korn Ferry as baseball’s search firm that it resulted in nothing more than friends hiring friends. Mostly all the hires had backgrounds with the Cleveland Indians, or had a relationship with Toronto Blue Jays president Mark Shapiro, the Indians’ former president and GM.”

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is now looking at other solutions to help increase diversity.  One such idea is to push teams to hire their own diversity specialist.  The Commissioner recently “pointed to the Atlanta Braves as an example of what he’s looking for. The Braves interviewed four minority candidates for the managerial job that Fredi Gonzalez was fired from, and while they didn’t hire any of them for that position, all four are now in the organization at various levels."    

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