For some reason, Donald Trump’s Presidential victory has been an opportunity to lament his supporters.  NASCAR’s Chairman and CEO Brian France has been unjustly included in this camp and that isn’t right.  

No I don’t know the man personally, but I can tell you when it comes to supporting diversity, France should and cannot be questioned.  When attending Morehouse College, NASCAR was just beginning its push to recruit African Americans into the organization.  The people who came out to my HBCU were aggressive (in a good way), and truly were passionate about bringing more diversity to the company.  Many students questioned the authenticy of the move, but over time, seeing NASCAR promoting themselves at my college became as normal as  any other organization looking to connect with young African Americans.  They’re initiative, while not the biggest, is very serious in adding diversity to their workplace.

A few weeks ago, NASCAR and Chevy announced their Diversity Scholarship Contest winners, which “ challenged students to identify a technology or innovation within NASCAR, then explain how STEM professionals came to its design in 90-second videos.”  The contest awarded 4 scholarships totally $20,000.  The winners can be viewed below:

NASCAR’s history has not been the best in regards to diversity, but France has led the change of a more inclusive environment.  His support of Donald Trump should in no way marginalize his commitment to diversity.  There are alot of things you can say about the current NASCAR Chairman but lack of diversity support is not one of them.