The Australian Government is committed to ensuring local Indigenous businesses get a fair chance for contracts. The Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Minister for Finance, recently spoke about the government’s stance on Indigenous businesses stating that “the policy will ensure that Indigenous businesses have the chance to compete and showcase the products they have to offer.”

Since 2015, the government has been working closely with Supply Nation which helps connect Australian corporations with Indigenous businesses. Since its collaboration with Supply Nation, the government has developed the Indigenous Procurement Policy, “a policy that will encourage government buyers and major government contractors to increase their engagement with Indigenous.”

Procurious HQ recently sat down with Laura Berry, CEO of Supply Nation, to talk about the recent policy and the Australian government’s willingness to help Indigenous owned business. Here is a snippet of the interview:

INTERVIEWER: Why is engaging with Indigenous-owned businesses and suppliers so important for organisations across Australia?

BERRY: Supply Nation strives to increase opportunities for Indigenous-owned businesses to supply their goods and services to large organisations. Supplier diversity puts under-represented businesses on a level playing field with other qualified suppliers when it comes to competing for the supply of quality goods and services. One of the major benefits of opening the door to additional markets and engaging in supplier diversity, is that it facilitates the growth of Indigenous businesses. This results in increased economic activity and employment, and channels greater social value back to Indigenous communities.

-Ray Hayes

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