Are you behind the eight ball and have no idea how to market for Small Business Saturday? Well, you’re in luck as Cheryl Conner from Forbes magazine has provided eight last minute marketing ideas for Small Business Saturday.

  1. Offer a deal: Provide discounts, gifts or free in-store giveaways / food tastings to lure customers into your store. Promote your deals on social media, shopping sites and local newspaper ads.
  2. Spiff up your Facebook page: As the kids would say make sure your page is ‘on fleek’ or rather looking professional. Have your business hours and contact information displayed and create a Facebook Ad to reach a wider audience.
  3. Make a photo collage: Have you ever been to a diner and saw a photo collage of influential or famous people who have dined in? If so, then follow the idea by making a collage of your own showcasing who has visited your store and promote them through social media.
  4. Get cooperative: “Use your [social media] posts or even your wardrobe to tout a customer, vendor or non-profit that you’re passionate about.” Sharing is caring. If vendors or customers see these post they may share them with their customer base/friends which brings visibility to your business.
  5. Use marketing materials from American Express: American Express provides an array of resources from merchants who participate in Small Business Saturday, so make sure you take advantage of everything they offer you.
  6. Get Social: Spread the word through every Social media outlet site you can.
  7. Host a Small Business soiree: Hold an in store event and partner up with other merchants who may compliment your business. To spice things up, hire a local blogger to document the event and promote it.
  8. Alert the media: After the big day is over make sure you send an ‘after-event’ press release to local news outlets. “Make sure the coverage you pitch will compel readers to come back to see you during the continuing season.”

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