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Is Apple ‘thinking different’ about diversity? #tech #apple

Back in 1997, Apple introduced the company slogan, ‘Think Different.’ Over the past year the company has been pledging their loyalty to the concept of diversity, with little to show for it. Thinking different has to be emphasized if the company continues its fight to become more diverse.

According to recent reports, “only 20 out of Apple’s 107 top executives are women, and only five are defined as coming from an underrepresented minority.” In Apple defense, they are trying. 54 percent of new employees are minorities.

Unfortunately, the company still struggles.  Devindra Hardawar from Engadget reported that, “In fact, the amount of white executives has actually increased to 67 percent from 54 percent a year ago. Among Apple’s retail leadership team, white members now account for 76 percent, compared to 69 percent last year. The gender status of leadership roles, meanwhile, has remained stagnant at 72 percent male and 28 percent female.” Thinking different is nice but acting differently is important.

-Ray Hayes

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