After the recent US Presidential election, many people have been wondering who President-Elect Donald Trump will appoint to the supreme court. Liberals are worried that the justices appointed will be conservative. Even though new justices will be added eventually, one thing we can be proud of is that the US Supreme Court has become a more diverse over the years, unlike other countries such as the UK. The UK Supreme court consist of 12 members. Those 12 members are all white and with 11 of the 12 being male.

Within the next 18 months, six justices will be retiring and six new justices will come into the fold. Lord Neuberger, the current president of the court, will look to improve the court’s diversity, explaining, “there would be half-day ‘insight sessions’ offered to prospective candidates where they would be given a tour of the court, allowed to spend time observing proceedings, and offered a private meeting with a current supreme court justice.” UK requires judges to retire at the age of 70 unless appointed before 1955.

Even though it has taken some time, the UK has come to understand that all talents of the country must be represented within the court system. “The supreme court makes an immense contribution to our constitution, hearing cases of the utmost importance that impact upon the entire population. It is right that such a crucial institution taps into all the talents of our country,” said Liz Truss, the justice secretary.

-Ray Hayes

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