Military Veterans are risk takers by nature.  Although less than 1% of Americans join the military, according to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners, 9% of American businesses are owned by veteran entrepreneurs.  That is why VetToCEO was founded.  In short, the organization looks to help veterans looking to transition from military service to business owner.

VetToCEO was launched in 2012 as a solution for veterans who did not have many formal program options to help guide them through the process of entrepreneurship.  The program lasts seven weeks and focuses on the skillset many veterans do not gain from military experience such as marketing, and understanding business cash flow.  VetToCEO has already completed 18 previous group sessions and is gearing up for its 19th.  "The organization’s 2017 program will kick-off in January. It is free for all veterans, and includes self paced modules virtually. The link to get more information about the year round curriculum offerings is

In the words of John Panaccione, board director for VetToCEO, "Less than one percent of the nation serves this country, as you know, yet we own nine percent of the small businesses in this country… that tells you something….And what I mean by you’re crazy to do that is, you’re crazy to become an entrepreneur, or start or buy a business, but we’ve already proven we’re crazy because we took the road less traveled to begin with by choosing to serve our country. So that kind of implies … we’re not afraid to go against the grain or do things most people won’t do.”