It’s an odd thing, going to sleep at night and wondering if tomorrow your basic civil liberties will be taken away.  America was founded on the belief that “All Men are Created Equal”, but since its creation, this nation has yet to truly protect that belief.  Many of my readers are familiar with the North Carolina anti-LGBT bill that will cost the state an estimated $5 billion each year it stays in place.  Recently the financial losses have cost “Gov. Pat McCrory, the incumbent who stood by the law” his job with newly elected  Democrat Roy Cooper, winning the state election in 2016.

With so much going wrong for the passing of LGBT laws, its a wonder Texas is looking to push for similar laws.  Texas state lawmakers have recently proposed “400 laws set to be debated by legislators next year include regulations that would force anyone casting a ballot in Texas to provide valid identification at the voting booth, a proposal to ban sanctuary cities in the state, and a pair of bills that would bring the battle over trans bathroom use to the Lone Star State.”
The belief of Texas lawmakers is that under a Trump Administration, LGBT rights can be infringed upon, despite President Trump stating his support of LGBT rights.  Regardless of his prior statements, the President-elect has been quiet on recent anti-LGBT proposals.

The Texas Association of Business has warned against recent proposals estimating that the legislation could cost the state $7 billion a year.  In addition, “ 947 businesses have already pledged to boycott any anti-LGBT legislation pushed by the General Assembly” including Texas Instruments.  " Businesses like Salesforce and PayPal, which were instrumental in the boycott of other states, hosted a meeting on Wednesday in San Francisco to organize future efforts, as BuzzFeed reports. It was attended by representatives from 100 companies.“

Dan Patrick, the lituenet governor of Texas, isn’t backing down in the face of financial and moral loss.  According to Patrick "You’re either with us or against us”

On a national stage, LGBT rights are fairing better.  The General Assembly’s human rights committee for the United Nations has denied the delay of “the first U.N. independent expert charged with investigating violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity”
The amendment was defeated in a tight vote with many African and Middle Eastern countries with support from China and Russia, backing a delay of the LGBT rigths expert.
The resolution will now go before the “193-member General Assembly for a final vote next month”, with many expecting similar results.

While “Botswana’s U.N. Ambassador Charles Ntwaagae, who sponsored the resolution seeking the delay” lambasted the UN for focusing on the
descrimination of sexual oritentation and not on the discrimination of individuals based on race, sex, or religion, “U.S. deputy ambassador Sarah Mendelson countered that the council has approved numerous resolutions on violence and discrimination against minorities and others.”