Gene Marks from Forbes magazine is back again with the exciting news covering Small Business and Tech.

  1. I hate waiting in long lines at my favorite restaurant. I really wish someone could tell me the wait time of a restaurant prior to leaving my house. Well, Google has heard my prayers.  Google has added a new feature that “will alert users as to how crowded your bar or restaurant is in real time.” This is good and bad news for small business owners. If your business is always crowded, potential customers may turn away but you could generate a buzz with large crowds, thanks to the new feature.
  2. The new tech startup Ava plans to redefine the world for deaf individuals.  Ava has developed a threaded-speech-to-text app that helps deaf and hearing challenged people follow group conversations. “The company says that deaf people who can only understand 20 percent of a conversation will see their comprehension levels rise to 80 or 90 percent.” If your small business has employees who are hearing impaired, Ava could help tremendously with work performance and participation in group activities.
  3. Amazon is currently developing a digital solution to help sellers protect themselves from counterfeit products. Keep a an eye out for the new tool as it could help small business owners who utilize Amazon considerably.
  4. Interested in spicing things up at your next business meeting? Then try having your meeting at the newest luxurious hotel downtown with Bizly.  The startup company based in New York has developed an app that “lists hotels in your city with available hourly rental prices.” There is no more need for the time consuming search on Google for a nice hotel to introduce a new client, Bizly makes it quick and simple.

-Ray Hayes