No matter which side you support, we can all agree the major issue with Obamacare was the lack of support from both sides.  The inability for both Republicans and Democrats to come together for the betterment of the nation will be the ultimate “What If” scenario surrounding the Affordable Care Act.  While Obamacare has helped in a lot of ways (i.e. decreasing the amount of uninsured), it has also hurt businesses and raised costs on an annual basis.

As we move forward, Republicans will finally get their chance to configuring a health insurance policy many think are failing the nation.  On the upside, President Elect Trump has assured Americans the new health plan will be better than Obamacare.  On the downside, President Trump has yet to detail how he plans to do it. With a policy affecting every American life, the lack of a plan is a stressful issue many can related to.

How will Trump deal with the 21 million who have received health insurance since Obamacare?  Can Trump decrease insurance costs while making the system attractive for health insurers?  And lastly, how will Trumpcare help small businesses insurer their employees while continuing to generate revenue.  

After 5+ years of complaining, conservatives and Republicans now have the opportunity to put their plans into action.  Let’s hope they can fair better than the Obama administration.    

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