A recent Washington Post article gave a basic overview of the changes in American diversity over the past 15 years.  Comparing 2000 to 2014, the map above focuses on the change in diversity in multiple regions of the country.  The Map can be broken down into four areas focusing on the Map’s Legend:

  1. In the bright yellow areas (Map Legend’s North point colors), these points had very little diversity in 2000 but underwent the greatest growth of diversity.  These areas primarily encompass the Midwest and East coast.
  2. In the blue areas of the country (Map Legend’s South point colors), these points were already diverse in 2000 and continued to stay diverse. "More than 190 million people, 60 percent of the country" live in these areas primarily including the southern and western regions.
  3. In the light blue and light green areas (Map Legend’s East point colors), these points had high concentrations of diversity in 2000 and continued to increase its diversity numbers in 2014.  "Notable clusters of increasing diversity surround Boston, Seattle and Orlando,“ covering about 60 million or 20% of America’s population.
  4. In the dark green areas (Map Legend’s West point colors), these points had little diversity in 2000 and little change in 2014.  These clusters are all white populations located mainly in West Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana and Idaho areas, with a few Hispanic and Native American regions around the Texas-Mexico border.  

With the recent election and population shifts in America, tensions are growing based on uncertainty and misunderstanding.  "For instance, residents in a multiethnic urban society can think that they live in a cooperative community of people coming together but disparage rural areas as backward. Meanwhile, people in rural communities prize their tight relationships but describe cities as crime-ridden and harsh.”

The truth is that diversity is the future of America.  According to William Frey, a research professor at the University of Michigan and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, “Forty-seven states and 90 percent of the counties have an absolute decline in white population under age 20. All net growth of children in this country is coming from racial and ethnic minorities.”

In Frey’s mind, “If we’re going to have a productive economy in the future, new young people with new ideas energizing the labor force — taxpayers supporting the Social Security Trust Fund and Medicare for retirees — it’s in our best interest if this younger generation is treated well and welcomed with open arms into the labor force.“


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