Like it or not, the presidential election left the nation more divided than it’s ever been over the past decade.  As a response, diversity consultants and trainers are transitioning into unfamiliar territory.  The dichotomy between those employees who voted for Donald Trump and those who did not can be extremely volatile. Many voters equated a vote for, “Trump with a vote for intolerance", which can cause tension between co-workers.

To put it simply, consultants are preparing for the worst.

Dorcas Lind, diversity consultant, made a valid point with her recent remarks about the current corporate workplace climate. “There’s a whole toolkit of language we need to create [in order] to talk about this polarization. It’s those who voted for Trump or support Trump — and everyone else. And that’s a really difficult dichotomy to address,” Even though diversity consultants like Lind are preparing for collisions, there is an upside to the business.  Most notably, more corporations may look to hire professionals to help transition into an uncertain administration. 

In my opinion, the most effective way to combat these problems is to embrace diversity.  Companies who have already embraced diversity are ahead of the curveball. “Leaders of PepsiCo, General Electric, Apple, Medtronic and others have reiterated their support for diversity and inclusion. Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak, in an email to the medical device-maker’s employees, took a stand that would surely be heartening to those who do the work of diversity. He called the company’s principles around inclusion ‘an irrevocable priority’.”

-Ray Hayes


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