One of the biggest criticisms Republican lawmakers shot at President Obama was the slow growth rate of 2% under his administration.  As the President leaves office, he can hold his head a little bit higher with the third quarter growth number exceeding 3% according to the latest Commerce Department report.  Depending on consumer spending and small business hiring, President Trump could take over a country at the height of its 5 year recovery.  

On the downside, small business hiring in November remained week compared to earlier months.  According to an ADP survey, only 37,000 new jobs were created for small businesses with less than 50 employees versus an average of 79,000 between the months of January and August.

For companies with 50 to 499 workers, 89,000 jobs were added, and at the largest companies, payrolls increased by 90,000 employees. “Small business owners have indicated in surveys they’ll keep hiring cautiously unless their revenue justifies the expense and risk. Many owners expect to ask their current staffs to take on more responsibilities. They also were treading carefully while they waited for the outcome of the election.”


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