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Did you know that 1% of all DJs and producers make 77% of industry profits #dj #music

So let’s talk Tribes.

Tribes is a documentary series covering the state of female DJs in today’s industry.  While I won’t sit here and tell you I know alot about the industry, I will quote these lines from a recent Billboard article: according to Smirnoff, the vodka company “1 percent of all DJs and producers make 77 percent of their peers profits.”  In addition, last year “only 10 percent of electronic festival headliners were women.”  When you think about the high profile electronic dance music (EDM) festivals and multiple DJ performances, this is a bit of a shock.

Luckily, Smirnoff is looking to change that.  Through its Smirnoff Sound Collective Initiative, the company is looking to promote the stories of “the female-centric Discwoman collective and the Latin artists of NAAFI”. Smirnoff also wants to get be involved directly in the careers of up and coming artists as local senior brand manager Justin Medcraft explains.

“What we really wanna try to do is give them access to all this infrastructure right away, so we can use the rest of the year to build up campaigns around them and release content, Medcraft says. The majority of the program will center on performances, and Smirnoff has a built an infrastructure with LiveNation sponsorships and deals with Mixmag’s live-streamed lab events.“

The program will look to promote and connect a diverse group of rising electronic stars with " established artists who don’t just succeed in the industry, but actively lead its evolution. For the next 12 months, Smirnoff will take an active hand in the careers of program members Autograf, Nomi Ruiz, Kissey, Julia Govor, Cassian, Tygapaw, Shigeto, Cakes Da Killa, Amtrac, Nina Dioz, Cry Baby and Gina Turner.”

Congratulations to the performers in the program and good luck to you all



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