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China’s largest app for LGBT individuals boasts 27 million registered users #china

Blued is China’s largest app catering to LGBT individuals boasting 27 million registered users.  Taking advantage of the live broadcast phenomenon (similar to how Twitch took advantage of live video game streaming), Blued is helping connect like minded people through technology.  With about 200,000 anchors, the app is helping streamers earn as much as 100,000 yuan a month (about $14,500.00 USD).  

As noted on Global Diversity News, the Pink Economy (referring to the “consumption of certain goods and services by the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community) is estimated to be worth $290 billion USD with a population of around 70 million.  

Geng Le, CEO of Blued CEO is looking to grow his brand even further.  Positioning live streaming as a form of entertainment, Geng "is dedicated to improving the life of gays in China through internet and technology so that the society can be more tolerant toward the LGBT community while the community members could find each other easily.”  While controlling 90% of China’s LGBT social software market, Blued has expanded to Thailand and England just this year.  

According to Geng, “We used to position ourselves as China’s best gay social-networking company. Now, we aim to become the world’s best.”


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