As Americans we consistently plan for today.  Although we are aware of problems coming down the pipeline (i.e. medicare, global warming, etc), we generally postpone those issues until they directly affect us.  I think we can all agree that if this continues, at some point our postponement will cause issues we can no longer account for.  This is the failure of all great nations past and present and will continue to be their undoing.

For this article, I want to focus on the demographic shift taking place and our nation’s inability to create a strategy surrounding it.  The demographics of tomorrow are important because of the aging white populace.  According to The Hill “The percentage of the U.S. population that is white has decreased from 79.6 percent in 1980 to 61.9 percent in 2014. The percentage of Latino-Americans has increased from 6.4 percent to 17.3 percent over the same time period, while both the African-American and Asian-American populations have grown, too.”

This is a huge issue as America’s white population holds the expertise in the majority of economically important industries.  With education statistics not improving at the rate needed to compensate for the loss in expertise, we are heading into a huge drop off in talent which will affect the US going forward.  The only logical way to account for this is immigration, which in my opinion will be an even bigger topic than today moving forward (if you can believe that).

“The number of non-Hispanic whites who died in 2014 outpaced the number of white births in 17 states, according to a new analysis from the University of New Hampshire. That’s the largest number of states to experience a natural decrease in the white population in American history.”  In addition, in “12 of the 17 states where white deaths outpaced births, naturally increasing populations among Latino voters was sufficient to offset the declining white population.”

Consider the fact that the median age for a white American is 43 while the average American Latino is 28.  These numbers are extremely alarming when you consider that our largest growing population makes up something like 6% of tech jobs which is one of our most important industries moving forward.

Although this election seems to be a cry for help for today’s society, the fact remains that a shrinking working population hinging on policy that may not positively affect them may be America’s undoing in the long run.  America has always been about benefiting American interests for the majority of the population.  It is now safe to say that the majority is now diverse, and we must account for more people’s interests moving forward.

The Hill


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