Overview:  The Carrier deal is Donald Trump’s first major accomplishment heading into the office of President.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal will keep 1,100 jobs (800 that would have moved to Mexico, and an additional 300 administrative jobs) in America versus having them move to Mexico.  The deal was made after Vice President Mike Pence, (and Indiana Governor at the time of the deal) granted Carrier “about seven million dollars in tax breaks” according to the New Yorker.  Carrier, a subsidiary of United Technologies, was looking to increase profits by cutting costs, but once Pence granted tax breaks within the state, the company felt it made better business sense to stay in Indiana.

Positives:  Despite the criticisms, keeping 1,100 jobs in the state of Indiana is an impressive feat.  When you think of the many lives the move would have negatively affected, the ability to save as many as 1,100 jobs should be praised.  Although many still point to the loss of 1,400 jobs from plants in Indianapolis, IN and Huntington, IN, an additional 1,100 would have been lost if not for the Trump Administration.

Negatives:  This is a one off deal that will never happen again during the Trump Administration.  Had Carrier been in any of the 49 states not under the leadership of Vice President Mike Pence, all jobs would have been lost.  Luckily the future VP was in Indiana and able to cut a deal saving a thousand American families.  Next year Mike Pence will no longer be the Governor of Indiana and thus unable to close deals in such a manner.  In addition, awarding tax breaks for companies threatening to leave the country sets a worrisome precedent of a pay-to-play governing tactic the Trump Administration may use.  "Bribing" companies to stay in America will only end up costing tax payers in the long run. The Trump Administration has yet to prove it can work well with others and is still a major concern for the future.

Grade:  So was the Carrier deal a Positive or Negative for the Trump Administration?  Well in a bubble it’s a POSITIVE!  Regardless of what critics say, 1,100 jobs were saved by Mike Pence.  How this affects negotiations in the long run remain to be seen, but the actual deal is a positive in itself.  Hindsight is 20/20 so a year from now people may critique this deal blaming it for future failures if they arise.  President Trump has assured Americans this is only the beginning in regards to keeping jobs in America, and until proven otherwise, we cannot argue for or against it.  Since we cannot see into the future, we can only give this deal Positive Rating. 


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