Professor Mark Bauerlein gave his thoughts on the recent election of Donald Trump as it pertains to higher education.  While guest lecturing, a student told Bauerlein that she was terrified by what might happen under a Trump administration.  When asked why she felt this way, a consensus was reached that the fear projected from the rhetoric Donald Trump used during his campaign.

In an interesting suggestion, Bauerlein tells of the Millennial culture and why so many are afraid of the new political regime.  For Millennials, political correctness is law.  Anyone striking against that is labeled a bad person and punished.  So, “when Trump says the things he says, millennials are darn certain that something awful is going to happen. A sexist remark that gets out in public means catastrophe. Vengeance must follow; the violator must be punished. But Trump hasn’t been punished. He’s committed a hate crime … and he’s become the most powerful man in the world.”  The difficulty in processing this has led to so much fear and hatred.  

Despite Trump’s speeches, he has already tuned away from much of his more extreme campaign promises and is becoming more of a politician than many thought possible.  I believe Trump will be a competent President and we will see him run the country as many men have before him.  Time will tell what President Trump decides to promote and enforce, but everyone should know that in life, you don’t always get what you want, or expect.  And that’s ok.

Inside Higher Ed


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