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Homeless Man showcases his inventive living creation “Paradise Lane”

It’s hard to explain exactly what we’re witnessing here. Is this a fake video meant for click bait or a creative work of genius?

While I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the video, I can vouch for its amazing-ness. When responding to questions such as “Does the toilet work?” This homeless man has a ready made explanation that, to be honest, makes sense. From comfortable couches to a flamboyant bed, to a private “smokers lounge” this man has created a homeless paradise better than most motels.

And he’s expanding

I’m not sure where this is located but this man is the epitome of creativity. He should be in real estate or a brand ambassador. But I’m sure he’ll settle for the smoothest Homeless Man in the World!!

Kudos young man….Kudos..

…Moving Right Along…

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