New York City is the first, and only city with a major municipal program dedicated to improving female opportunities in film and theater.  The focus of the program will be to promote diversity behind and in front of the camera in the film, television, and theater industries.  

Julie Menin, the commissioner of the  Office of Media and Entertainment describes the 5 part initiative as an opportunity to push the current NYC administration’s agenda by dedicating funding to women in need of assistance.   The $5 million fund will be provided over a 5 year period to help women complete projects film and theater projects.  In addition to funding, a writing contest will be offered where two selected winners will make a pilot for NYC Life, the local city channel.  One pilot will be picked up for an entire season.

In an effort to take advantage of NYC’s booming entertainment economy which contributed $8.7 billion in 2015, the program will be the first rendition of which many hope will help expand entertainment opportunities for women even further.

New York Times


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