Zac Johnson is a 20 year veteran in online marketing and business.  Since the late 90s, Johnson has been educating businesses on the proper ways to grow and sale products online.  Below are four easy ways to leverage your organization’s brand to finance your business:

  1. Pre-Sell Your Product Or Idea Before Launching:  In today’s business environment, entrepreneurs can sell their idea before a product is created.  Look to get investors or consumers by simply explaining your future goals
  2. Use Your Own Money Or A Personal Loan:  Self explanatory
  3. Crowdfund Your Big Idea:  Try utilizing crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter or GoFundMe for sources of financing.  The idea is pitch your idea to an online crowd and convince that group to help fund your idea.
  4. Apply For A Loan Through PayPal Working Capital:  Using Paypal for a loan source is convenient in today’s market.  "Instead of having to send monthly payments to PayPal to pay off the loan, you simply choose a percentage that you’d like to pay out of each incoming payment (usually 15, 20 or 30%).“



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