When Brie Larson was selected to portray Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shock waves were sent through the comic book world.  For the first time, Marvel would have a film led by a woman.  In addition to the historical moment in film, for the latest Comic Book crossover arc, Civil War 2, Iron Man is leading his forces against the same rising star, Captain Marvel.

The promotion of Captain Marvel as the “Wonder Woman” of the Marvel franchise is no accident.  One of the strongest characters within the Marvel universe, Captain Marvel is set to take over the film and comic book worlds.  That is why it only makes sense the Captain is now being introduced as a playable fighter in the new Marvel vs Capcom (MvC) Infinite video game.  MvC is one of the most recognizable brands in video games and has helped promote various characters from Zero and Amaterasu to Deadpool and Iron Man himself.  Marvel will look to do the same with Captain Marvel, and I think it will do wonders in familiarizing audiences with the leading Avenger. 

Check out the trailer below to get a first glimpse at Captain Marvel in action



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