The comic book industry is tough to penetrate in today’s market.  Outside of the names DC and Marvel, small startups have a hard time developing a large following to expand into the stratosphere of film and TV deals.  Still, with the recent uber success of comic book properties, independent companies may have an opportunity of growth now more than ever.

A big reason for the recent success began in the Silver Age of comics.  The Silver Age was born in the 1960s and reflected the time and issues, promoting properties such as the X-Men, Luke Cage, Black Panther, and more to prominence.  The diversity of characters expanded the universe and audience, helping generate more sales and (eventually) more TV and film deals.  Diversity received so much support, according to Daily Progress, there “was even talk at one time of recreating the entire DC line of characters in the mid-1980s with a black Superman, an Asian Flash and a Native American Green Arrow; in fact, that was the favored plan of DC editor in chief Marv Wolfman”

These properties helped train kids (like myself) to buy into TV shows and ultimately evolved into the combination of characters into billion dollar Universes.  With these successes,  "independent companies such as Dark Child Studios and owner Corey Taylor" are looking to take advantage.  If you’ve ever wondered “What would a black superhero do if he was stranded in the past?” than Dark Child Studios may be for you.  The comic book industry is ever expanding, and now with diversity an accepted norm, indie companies have an opportunity to benefit from that.

Daily Progress


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