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This year, Tech employee diversity numbers have been delayed, but does it matter? #tech

Tech companies have been fighting a losing battle the past few years.  While corporations devote resources to improving diversity within employee hires, very little is changing for the better.  Twitter and Pinterest Inc will finally release their numbers, but this comes after 16 months of their prior numbers, with changes being made to the report (“focus on hiring goals, rather than just the racial and gender breakdown of their employees”).

What started as a hopeful promotion of ideals and lofty goals has sense crashed into the solid ground of reality.  In order to increase diversity at any corporations, you need a concerted effort of committed individuals to make it happen.  For example “critics said some tech companies…hadn’t implemented changes in hiring practices to draw in different kinds of job candidates, which could lead to less homogeneous groups of employees.”  If companies aren’t willing to implement new ideas to support an idea, then the idea will fail every time.

While many Tech corporations continue to promote and fail at diversity, some will blame factors including pipeline, resources, and fairness.  The truth is, like with all things, implementing a change in company culture is hard.  Advertising is another industry that has difficulty in recruiting diverse individuals with a much larger pipeline.  

To solve this issues it comes down to commitment and creativity.  Everything else is just talk.

Wall Street Journal


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