Under President-elect Trump, Global Diversity News has seen a robust amount of topics catering to diversity and inclusion.  Unfortunately many of these articles have covered the impending battle civil servants and diversity experts will have in order to maintain relevance. Whether these fears are over exaggerated or not, we can all agree that the current rhetoric is not reassuring.

“Given the nature of this campaign on this issue of diversity and inclusion, I’m sure that there is more than the usual amount of concern and questions,” said Shaun Donovan, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) director.

Many within the current government, while participating at the "White House Summit on Diversity and Inclusion in Government” did their best to reaffirm their commitment and urge everyone to continue theirs.  Gilbert Sandate, chair of the Coalition for Fairness for Hispanics in Government, admitted that he did not expect Trump to support diversity and inclusion efforts like Obama.  "I’m afraid the challenge under the Trump administration will be to dig in and fight to hold onto the diversity and inclusion gains made thus far, lest they be quickly eroded or eliminated entirely.” Sandate said.

Despite fears of the future, the Summit highlighted 3 key successes within the Obama Administration covering diversity and inclusion.

  1. In November, the federal government “exceeded the president’s goal of hiring 100,000 people with disabilities into the federal workforce over five years.”
  2. The Agriculture Department’s use of “blind applications” that don’t include the names of candidates helped increase the percentage of women in its Senior Executive Service (SES) to 39 percent, an increase of almost 50 percent.
  3. The Federal Aviation Administration’s “concerted effort to broaden the recruitment effort” led to a significant increase in job offers to Hispanic candidates and women.

While many believe more can be done to improve diversity numbers specifically with Hispanics and females, everyone admitted that right now, the future did not look bright for the continued expansion of 2011 Obama Executive Order “establishing a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workforce.”  For now, it seems diversity supporters are gearing up for a tough 4 year government battle.  Hopefully the Trump rhetoric was just that.

Only time will tell.

Washington Post


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