HSE Leaders Connect, in conjunction with Women in Health and Safety hosted their final event of 2016, highlighting diversity and inclusion within the industry.  The event covered the advantages of diversity in the workplace and urged the group of 70 professionals to utilize these advantages to the fullest.

With organizations having global footprints, opportunities have arisen to group in unexpected places.  Having a plan to address these opportunities is key to sustainable growth.  This is easier said then done as cultural change is often hard to implement, but the speakers gave suggestions on how to do it.  Pamela McInroy explained how, in her job as a Diversity Specialist, she utilizes The Bradley Curve as a model to promote diversity and inclusion.  The Bradley Curve helps employees transition from a reactive to proactive thought process in the field of health and safety.  The model helps to minimize risk and creates the notion that “zero  incidents” is an achievable aim.  Using this for diversity help train people on the idea that inclusion is achievable as well.

While the HSE Leaders Connect and Women in Health and Safety are still growing (each are less than 2 years old), progress is being made in advocating for better representation within the fields of health and safety.

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