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Simone Biles talks with Katie Couric about success and past struggles #olympian

Simone Biles is the most decorated olympist gymnast in history.  From meager beginnings, Biles made for Hollywood story has brought her from literally nothing to the most recognizable gymnast in the world.  Born in Ohio to a mother battling a drug addiction, Biles and her siblings bounced around foster care before landing with their grandparents in Texas.  "“I only remember one story about a cat that would always get fed.“  Biles told Couric. "And they would feed the cat, but we were so hungry all the time.”

While her memory of the event may not be the best, issues still lingered.  When discussing her grandparents, Biles explained that they “taught me how to trust people, how to trust situations. Because I think that was one of the biggest fears we had going in, when we moved with them.  We had trust issues because we had been moved so many times.”  

Today Biles is able to joke about her boy crush Zac Efron and how she is considering participating in “Dancing with the Stars” like teammate Laurie Hernandez.  Despite the glory and Presidential treatment, the Ohio native from humble beginnings is truly the All American Girl with an All American Story.



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