A report released by Paul Hastings in partnership with Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business, “surveyed 261 law firm attorneys and corporate counsel to assess their views and practices regarding diversity and inclusion in the legal industry.”  According to the report, 9 in 10 corporate counsels responded they had previously worked at another firm.  In addition, 4 out of 10 respondents cited diversity and inclusion issues as reasons for leaving their prior firm.

The issue of diversity and inclusion was covered in more depth throughout the report.  Below are the top 12 issues people within the legal profession have when dealing with diversity and inclusion initiatives:

  1. Implicit/unconscious bias (69%)
  2. Lack of diversity on executive committee (48%)
  3. Lack of succession planning for institutional client relationships (46%)
  4. Not getting asked to go on client pitches (45%)
  5. Lack of diversity on compensation committee (41%)
  6. Clients not pushing for diversity (41%)
  7. Not getting enough challenging and stretch opportunities (37%)
  8. Lack of succession planning for leadership (36%)
  9. Confirmation bias (35%)
  10. Not getting assigned to lead roles on cases (34%)
  11. Failure to get critical feedback (33%)
  12. Unfair allocation of origination credit (29%)

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