The headline this election season is that Donald Trump has proven Democrats are on the downfall.  How a political party that wins the popular vote of a Presidential election equates to being on a downfall beats me.  In fact Democrats consistently win the popular vote every election season (the House of Representatives is supposed to reflect that but…you know…politics…).

The fact is, Democrats are doing a great job galvanizing their base to come out and vote.  As The Hill article points out, in the 25 largest cities in America, “Hillary Clinton beat Republican Donald Trump in those same counties by just shy of 8 million votes.”  That’s 3 more million votes than Obama won when running against Mitt Romney.  In addition, Hilary Clinton beat Donald Trump by more than 2 million votes (despite what Trump says).

The fact is, numbers wise, more Americans side with Democrats versus Republicans.  The issue is location.  As more and more people move to urban cities, the Democrats influence is actually decreasing.  Congressional districts are drawn based on…well…based on whatever will keep the majority political party at the time, in power.  Republicans understand that congressional districts with less people are more likely to vote for them so they set up districts accordingly.  Democrats do this too, but weren’t in power the last time the congressional districts were set.

Democrats are fighting a weird circle right now.  The more opportunities created within a city, the more people will move to them.  And the more people move to them, the less influence Dems have nationwide.  

As noted Republicans have to diversify otherwise they’re party will end over the next 50 years.  Democrats have to figure out a way to connect with middle Americans who WANT to stay in middle America, as apposed to connecting with middle Americans planning to move.

Hard job for both sides, but that’s politics. 

The Hill

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