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Lack of communication this holiday season can crush your business

Communication is one of the most important constants in business (that and your P&L statements).  Lack of communication can do more harm than failing a contracted project.  Customers want to know what’s going on and why.

For this holiday season, make sure your customers, both current and potential, know when you’re break starts and when you will be available for service.  Letting customers know up front is key so they can plan around your schedule.

There’s no reason to think you will lose business by taking a break or telling customers you will not be available either.  "According to a survey by NRMA, 37% of small business owners take less than five day’s annual leave each year and 61% take less than 10 days. But owners can learn a lot when they step away from their businesses to recharge.“

Loopa Saj Devshi talked to Fast Company about the proper ways to inform your consumers about your days off:  "People like to know where they stand with their queries, even if that’s an automated response. The thing that’s guaranteed to lose you a [potential] customer is if they get no response… Because if you can’t answer their problems when they haven’t bought from you, how can they have faith that you will be there to help them when they have?”


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