Paradigm for Parity is a project gaining momentum in the corporate world.  It’s goal is to increase women representation in senior and executive positions and has recently received support from the likes of Bank of America, LinkedIn and Accenture.

““We are driving actions that can make a difference in creating a step change because the progress for women is not there,” said Ellen Kullman, a coalition co-chair and former head of DuPont Co.”

Although the goal of the initiative is to achieve “gender equality in the upper echelons of American companies by 2030,” developing metrics for accountability has been challenging.  Nonetheless over 80 corporate leaders, board members and academics have signed the pledge promoting gender equality.

As the project continues to gain momentum, most CEOs have already agreed to swap details about their progress and share ideas on how to help grow the initiative.  While some diversity supporters are pushing for more transparency, I actually support this first step.  You have to walk before you can crawl, and although the numbers aren’t where anyone wants them to be for female representation at high levels, simply releasing diversity numbers is not the answer as we’ve seen within the Tech industry.

Wall Street Journal