Research and consulting firm, Great Place to Work, put together its latest rankings for Best Workplaces for Diversity in conjunction with Fortune Magazine.  According to an article written for Fortune “In researching this ranking, along with the Best Workplaces for Latinos, Best Workplaces for African-Americans, and Best Workplaces for Asian-Americans, we discovered that diverse workplaces are good for business and for all employees.”

To create its 2016 list, Great Place to Work survey roughly 450,000 employees from across the nation.  This year’s big winner was Texas Health Resources.  According to Fortune, Texas Health Resources finished #1 “for Best Workplaces for Diversity and No. 2 for Best Workplaces for African-Americans. The Arlington, Texas, hospital system has a workforce that’s 77% women and 41% minorities, offers ESL classes, provides benefits to same-sex partners, and hosts 32 events a year to connect employees with peers from different backgrounds.”

Another standout corporation included Marriott International.  "African American, Latino and other ethnic minorities make up 64% of Marriott’s 100,525 employees, and 15% of executives", helping the organization finish #6 for Diversity and #7 “for both Best Workplaces for African Americans and Best Workplaces for Latinos.”  In addition to their workplace numbers, Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson published an open letter “urging President-elect Donald Trump to use his position promote inclusiveness, including at work.”

The catalyst behind these rankings is the promotion of diversity for workplace and profit growth.  Great Place to Work along with Fortune Magazine’s latest rankings found that “the 50 companies on the 2016 Best Workplaces for Diversity list average 24% higher year-over-year revenue growth than non-list winners.”  This is inline with the 2015 McKinsey Report which found that “diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform the national industry median.”

Bringing together people of different backgrounds consistently increases productivity when done the right way.  A continued commitment from corporations is necessary to help expand our nation.  "Great workplaces for all can help our divided society come together, stronger, greater than ever.“