According to eMarketer, there are over two billion smartphone users globally. By 2018, that number is expected to reach 2.56 billion. With the steady increase in smartphone users, there are even more apps being developed to accommodate those users. Small businesses owners who are seeking help managing their business on the go or need help with networking can find it all with just one simple app. Therefore, the great folks from Mobilephones.cpm have provided a list of the five best mobile apps available for small businesses owners to help manage their business. The list goes as following:

  1. CamCard (iOS and Android) – This app is for business owners in need of networking support.  CamCard “is able to extract and save core information such as names, phone numbers and emails almost instantly – following up prospective customers has never been easier.”
  2. Google Drive (iOS and Android) – This app is for business owners needing offline access to information. “Google Drive allows the sharing of files and images with others who can then make live additions or amends to your work wherever you are.”
  3. QuickBooks (iOS and Android) – This app is for business owners needing help with accounting and online payment. “QuickBooks Accounting allows users to create invoices, take payments, monitor profit and loss and manage expenses, all from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.”
  4. (iOS and Android) – “The app allows you to instantly search for nearby hotels, which can be filtered based on the quality of reviews, amenities and of course, price.
  5. Trainline UK (iOS and Android) – TrainLine UK “provides live updates on train times and platform information in the palm of your hand.“

-Ray Hayes