Balancing life between holiday breaks and maximizing revenue is a never ending issue for small business owners.  Fear of the unknown is always on your mind, especially if you think you’re losing profit to a competitor simply by not opening your shop.

Yet in still, this holiday season, everyone will take some form of break to spend time with their family, friends, or maybe just themselves in an effort to refresh and get ready for the new year.  Check out 6 tips on how you as an entrepreneur can prepare for and succeed during the Holiday season.  For a more indepth look at these tips, check out the Fast Company link below:

1) Be Organized
2) Include breaks in your daily schedule
3) Use a virtual assistant
4) Communicate!  Make sure your clients (potential and current) know your availability
5) Work when your at your most productive cycle
6) Maximize the time you have with your family

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