President Elect Donald Trump is a complicated man.  Although he is an accomplished businessman, Donald Trump shows signs of megalomania and is willing to say anything he can to create a world where he is needed.  As much as Trump is complicated, I am conflicted.  I do believe our next President is a good man at his core, but his incredulous demeanor when confronted with facts has created a loyal base of misinformed supporters.   

I get it.  In today’s world, the media cannot be trusted at face value.  Donna Brazil and the CNN scandal has proven that Democrats are more than willing to cheat in order to create a narrative conducive to their overall goals.  

But does the fact that Democrats are cheaters prove that Republicans and Donald Trump aren’t?  How supporters of Trump can say that he is the “lesser of two evils” is impossible as up until now, no one has ever seen him in a position of political power.  No one had seen Adolf Hitler in a position of power up until his rise to prominence, and if you think that’s far fetched, we did just elect a guy who said he wanted to round up Muslims make them wear ID badges and force them to live in a designated area (you can read more HERE  HERE  HERE  HERE  and HERE).

Hilary Clinton had decades of lies catch up with her during her Presidency, but believing a man based on a “anyone but Clinton” narrative is just as irresponsible.  When you believe a man or group because of your inability to trust the other side, that person or groups is able to manipulate you into believing almost anything.  Take this for example, according to “The Rachel Maddow Show”, which polled Trump supporters about various topics, nearly 40% of the President Elect’s supporters believe the stock market has decreased under President Obama.  The stock market has actually nearly doubled during Obama’s tenure.  Furthermore, 40 percent of Trump supporters think Hillary Clinton lost the popular vote, 60 percent think millions of people illegally voted this election season and 67 percent think the unemployment rate has increased under President Obama tenure.  These are all horribly incorrect.

As I stated before, Donald Trump is a good man and I expect him to accomplish a lot while in office but his misleading message is borderline tyranny.  I say misleading, because I honestly think Donald Trump didn’t know or understand most of the facts when he ran for office.  The truth is that America isn’t headed for another depression, our economy is steadily improving, the jobless rate has gone from 7.8 percent in 2009 to 4.6 percent as of last month, and President Obama has done some great things while in office. 

I truly hope President Elect Trump can one day swallow his pride and admit that most of the things he said during the campaign season were wrong, but  I may be expecting a lot from the man.  After all, he won, so there’s really no reason for him to change.  

Here is a quote I learned back in college that has always stuck with me, “Education, then, is matter of conversation-a complete turning around from the world of appearance to the world of reality.” America has always been great, and everyone should understand this.

-Ray Hayes
edited by Jaymie White

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