Walmart is joining more than 500 companies in helping to advance LGBT rights in the corporate workplace environment.  The company recently “added insurance coverage for transgender workers this year,” marking a change in Walmart’s previously nonpartisan conservative corporate governance.

Due to its efforts, Walmart “was among a total of 517 companies, the most ever, that earned a perfect score of 100 points” from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), “the largest advocacy group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.”

Walmart has changed its stance on many controversial issues thanks to its new Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon.  In the past the organization has been criticized for its lack of pay, support, and overall growth based on low supplier pricing. With McMillion’s influence, the company has removed “merchandise that included the confederate flag…committed to spend $2.7 billion on higher pay and better training, and boosted its minimum wage to $10 an hour.”

The new look Walmart is a more socially conscious organization that is looking to grow with its supporters, instead of in spite of them.


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