Having a social media presence is necessary in today’s internet age.  While social media can help promote and gain clients for small businesses, it can also destroy your brand.  Here are 9 tips on what to avoid when utilizing social media for your business according to CIO:

  1. Setting up a page and then not posting anything on it.
  2. Not having a posting strategy/schedule:  Be consistent and try posting at least once a week
  3. Posting user-generated content (UGC) without the user’s permission.
  4. Not responding to comments (in a timely fashion).
  5. Only publishing sales and promotions.
  6. Treating your business page(s) as your personal page(s)
  7. . Buying followers (especially fake ones)
  8. Using too many and/or irrelevant hashtags
  9. Automatically direct messaging Twitter followers in DM