Company culture is one of the most vital parts of every company.  Why you do the things you do and the type of employees you hire are all an integral part in any organizations continued success.  Srujal Sheth, President and CEO of Vana Solutions and Chad Creech, Chief Development Officer of Alternate Solutions Health Network spoke with Forbes and explained how they grew their company from tens of people to a thousand, and how they were able to keep company culture at it’s heart as they grew.

1) Re-asses how you hire:  As Creech puts it, “Now we are hiring that person for what we need in one, two, and three years out…It’s not just hiring for the position that we need today.”  Once new hires come on board they are immediately submerged into the culture, attending a meetings to explain and expand on what is expected.  Current employees are also given gentle reminders by the CEO and Owners.
2) Make sure your culture is right for your size:  Is some of your culture just not conducive for a 100 or 1,000 employee shop?  Always look at your current operating structure and make sure it fits with your current employees
3) Be flexible with employee goals: Make sure "employees’ individual goals align with the company vision and mission.”  As Creech explains “We had employees that were meeting goals, but we as an organization, maybe weren’t meeting our overall, overarching strategic goals, so we had to realign those goals,”  Changing is acceptable when needed, so never be afraid to do so.

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