Nancy Lee has been Google’s diversity head since 2010, “and became vice president of people operations in 2013….As head of people operations, Lee has overseen a number of initiatives, like diversity trainings and a Googler in Residence program that places Google employees at historically black colleges and universities.”

Despite her efforts, diversity at Google (and to be fair, most tech companies) has lagged.  While 31% of the company is female, only 5% are made up of black and Hispanic employees.  All signs point to the push for diversity being continued beyond Lee, but the rate of success must be a continued question.  

As I’ve stated before, the biggest issue Google will face is qualified applicants, but not because they don’t exist.  The first step is to recruit potential applicants from cities where there are minorities (i.e. Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, etc.).  The second step is to understand that if your office isn’t located in these areas, you may not be able to convince people to move to your location.  

With the exit of Lee, Google will most likely continue to struggle with its diversity efforts, but the next person in the job must take the current efforts and expand on them to have any hope of increasing the percentage of hires, if that is truly the goal.


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