The Golden Globes have recently released their nominations for categories including “Best Picture” “Best Actor” Best Actress" and more.  Going against the  Oscar grain, diversity was acknowledged in a big way.  The 85 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn selected an array of talent including Denzel Washington and Viola Davis for “Fences,” Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris for “Moonlight,” Ruth Negga for “Loving”, Octavia Spencer for “Hidden Figures.” and Dev Patel for “Lion’s”.  In addition, films driven by women were rewarded with nominations including, “Florence Foster Jenkins,” which tells the true story of a New York socialite whose inability to sing didn’t stop her from trying, and “20th Century Women,” a poignant look at a free-thinking, independent mother raising her son beyond the bounds of convention.”

The best thing about the nominations wasn’t the diversity included but the fact that members of the nominating committee are looking beyond the “classic” prototype.  Nominations should be about poignant films that push the boundary of art of society.  Not about patting yourself on the back for making a Hitchcock remake.

As people in the entertainment world look towards the upcoming Academy Awards nomination, to be released in late January, many are expecting a better showing in regards to diversity.  "There’s a real art-house sensibility to this new class,” says German director Maren Ade, who joined this year. “They invited a lot of European filmmakers, as well as Asians too, people who see things and value things a bit differently, simply because they come from a different life experience.“

In my opinion, that’s the crux of the argument when it comes to diversity in general.  Effort.  You can’t have a mostly white membership that watches majority white films and tell your audience no diverse films were qualified to be nominated for an award.  In today’s world where good films are coming from every country in every genre in every language, there are no more excuses.  

Hopefully this year’s Golden Globe nominations will be the beginning of a more inclusive film membership committee throughout entertainment.

LA Times