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Geraldine Moriba, CNN’s diversity and inclusion VP, exits company #cnn

Geraldine Moriba has decided to leave CNN.  The soon to be former VP of diversity and inclusion accepted the job in late 2013 and now looks to head out on her own.  According to CNN president Jeff Zucker, “Moriba will be launching Moriba Media, “taking her passion for great journalism on the road. Among her first projects will be a scripted film, a podcast and, of course, more documentaries.”

Under Moriba’s leadership, "CNN attained its highest diverse audience levels ever and ranks number one across cable news with Black, Hispanic and Asian viewers.”  One the ways she was able to achieve this was through the promotion and production of CNN’s “In America” documentaries hosted by Soledad O’Brien.

““The last seven years at CNN I’ve had the honor of leading the charge of addressing issues of accountability and inclusion, while producing content that matters,” she said in a statement. “My success at CNN now fuels my desire to keep innovating and contributing to our storytelling economy, this time independently. I couldn’t be more excited!”


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