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Meet Naziyah Mahmood the Astrophysicist, Aerospace Engineer, Muslim, Ninja-Poet

Who is Naziyah Mahmood?  Well it’s hard to describe in words to be honest.  Yes Mahmood is a Rocket Scientist, but she’s alot more….like a WHOLE lot more.  Just look at the picture above.

Mahmood is from Scotland, UK and works as an Aerospace Engineer and Astrophysicist in her “professional” life if you can call it that.  She’s worked on many projects including being “a mission analyst on European Space Agency missions, including ESMO and Moonbase-X, contributed to the Particle Physics Experimental Project on ATLAS Detector data at CERN”.  While most of us have no clue what that is, I do know what the European Space Agency is and that is amazing in itself.

In addition to her exploits in STEM, Mahmood is a Martial Arts expert, (with training in Ba gua, Xing Yi (Quan) Aikido, Hapkido, Taekwondo, Tai Chi. Dimmak, Fa Jin, Kyusho Jitsu, Qigong, Gicheon, Chinese Jian and Dao), poet, short story writer, gamer and cosplayer, model, and actress. 

With the many success both current and future, Mahmood says her biggest achievement is “probably being able to remain true to my identity, my faith and myself (as corny as that sounds) throughout my journeys regardless of the levels of discrimination, stereotype or obstacles that have presented themselves.”

To find out more about Naziyah the badass, check out the links below:





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