Amazon has a drone delivering packages, Yahoo accounts get hacked, and much more from Gene Marks , writer for Forbes, in Small Business Tech News from the past week.

  1. Amazon is not only changing the retail and grocery industry, the delivery processing industry is next. This past week Amazon shipped its first package via drone. Yep, drone. Amazon has plans to make Prime Air the thing of the future.
  2. Approximately 1 billion Yahoo accounts have been hacked into. Yahoo confirmed that the hack happen back in 2013. Some of the things that were stolen include names, emails addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and security questions/answers. 
  3. Skype has officially made things much easier if you are making calls to customers from out of the country who may not speak English. Skype now allows you to use real time translation when making a call. “It works for any landline call and supports the translation of English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.” This new tool will open the doors for many small businesses who had previously suffered from language barriers and missed out on potential foreign customers.
  4. Dobot M1!!! Oh, Yea!…So, what is it? “It’s a programmable with interchangeable tool heads and kits for soldering, sorting, engraving, cutting, 3-D printing and manufacturing.” Basically it’s the robotic arm your company has always dreamed of. Dobot M1 could be a great investment if your company is in the manufacturing industry and requires repetitive sorting, cutting, engraving, or other things that the Dobot M1 could perform effectively and quickly compared to other options.
  5. Facebook Live now has more competition. Twitter recently announced that they will now let users broadcast live videos directly. “This improvement makes Twitter a better player amongst the giants competing for your company’s online video content.”

-Ray Hayes