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Trumps promise of government change looks suspciously familar

Donald Trump is on pace to appoint the least diverse Cabinet since 1992.  Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama, when appointing Cabinet roles made it a priority to reflect the changing American demographic.  President-elect Trump has decided to ignore this precident and instead select close allies he can trust to run various departments.  These selections are majority rich white men with backgrounds not necessarily in government.  Although these appointments look suspiciously familiar on the surface, they are extremely unconventional.

Despite the argument against his lack of diversity and weak responses about looking at the “whole” government appointees which we all know will still be majority white and male in the end, the backgrounds of the some of the nominees are not in government.  I won’t say that this is the diversity I was hoping for but it will make for some very different outcomes.  It seems that for Donald Trump, his definition of diversity includes people with backgrounds not necessarily in support of their departments who will look to change policy.  In addition some of his most influential advisers are women including his daughter and campaign manager. 

In the end, don’t expect too much ethnic diversity in Trump’s administration.  However, do expect a change in mentality which will lead to policy adjustments.  If you are someone who thinks our government needs to change the way it conducts business, then this will be the President for you. 


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