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American metropolitan cities are becoming more diverse…and more divided

According to the US Census data by the Brookings Institution, there are some minority groups that are more segregated today than in 2000. “Hispanic communities in 22 out of 50 metro areas” found themselves more segregated meaning, the overall white residential population decreased, according to QZ.

While the numbers may be a bit surprising, they perfectly match up to the divisive nature of the past presidential election, which uncovered a deep divide in social, politic, and ethnic views.  The reason behind the growing segregation is not known but the more groups of people divide themselves, the less each group can understand the perspective of another.

As divisions continue to increase, the big question is how (and if) various ethnic groups will ultimately intergrate.  Politially this will be a hot button topic as we move into the future.  Whether housing policy will be developed to create a psuedo force intergration remains to be seen, but as of today, based on evidence of the last 15+ years, we can only expect for a continued increase in urban city segregation.


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