Bill O’Reily is an entertainer.  The reason people watch his show is not for his political knowledge or conservative views, but because he will deliver an entertaining message that can be consumed easily by those who care.  I do believe that he believes in his comments (unlike some other supposed political experts), but he also understands that controversy sells.

For some reason twitter has overreacted (again) to a short segment on Bill O’Reily where he creates a conspiracy narrative of how liberals want to eliminate the Electoral College and sow seeds of racial division (see video below).

While some probably do want this, I do not believe most liberals feel this way.  In alot of people’s minds, the person with the most votes should win the Presidency.  While I understand the sentiment I actually don’t fully agree with that.  I do believe the party with the most votes should have the most seats in the House of Representatives, but that is a discussion at a later date. 

Bill O’Reily then continues his rant by saying people are looking to tear down, what they feel is a government controlled by white supremacists and supports white privileged.  Let’s be clear now, O’Reily is not defending white supremacy but merely stating that this is how liberals feel.  I’ve seen his show before and O’Reily has no problem smacking down Republicans he feels have crossed the line.  Still is reasoning for how people feel that he clearly doesn’t understand is mind-numbingly ignorant and irresponsible.

Regardless, O’Reily does not do well when explaining his views on race.  A few months ago he got in trouble for saying slaves were happy to help build the White House because they were paid a fair wage.  I don’t think you should ever include the word happy and slave in the same sentence unless the word “freed” is before slave.

Nonetheless, this is another misstep.  But as O’Reily knows, controversy sells.  His supporters will continue to support, people who don’t normally watch his show will tune in to criticize him, and we will all leave this issue with the same views as we entered.

Bill O’Reily is an entertainer and although his comments were ludicrous, I am entertained.