For many small businesses selling their product or service at an event like the Super Bowl is nothing more than a mere dream.  Thanks to the Business Connect Program, the NFL is helping hundreds of small diverse businesses turn their dream into a reality.  Taking place in Houston, TX, this year’s Super Bowl will look to set new records in attendance and viewership throughout the world.

According to the Houston Chronicle, this year’s Business Connect Program saw 526 applications, of which 412 were accepted.  "Fifty-one percent are business run by minorities, 44 percent by women, 4 percent by LGBT people, and 1 percent by disabled veterans.“  Of the 400+ accepted, at least 60 businesses have secured a contract while many others are "likely to receive a direct purchase of their products and services or a direct one-time agreement for their supply” near or on game day.  The program, in addition to potential customers, also provides workshops including pricing for Super Bowl Sunday, request for proposal overview, and marketing strategies.

This is an exciting opportunity for all businesses involved.  While I didn’t know something like this existed, it is interesting to learn that this is an annual program that the NFL offers to each host city and its small diverse businesses.  As I’ve stated in the past, opportunities for business is out there, you just have to know where to look.  Super Bowl 52 will take place in Minneapolis, MN so if you’re looking to get involved with next year’s Super Bowl, check out the link below: