If you’re excited (or angry) about the recent push for diversity in tech, then you can thank former Pinterest employee Tracy Chou for her 2013 challenge of tech companies to publicize their employee diversity numbers.  Since 2013, little has changed within the industry, however a new sense of effort has arisen that admittedly was not present beforehand.  According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, underrepresented minorities make up 6% of employees in tech, versus the 22% average in non-technical roles.  

Pinterest has joined the call to action in improving diversity numbers, developing hiring goals and promoting diversity efforts throughout the organization.  As with most tech companies, finding and hiring qualified applicants has been a challenge.  Despite this the company has seen improvements to coincide with its growth in hiring as a whole.  According to USA Today, “the company had a 22% hiring rate for women in engineering roles in 2016”.  In addition, “about 20% of engineering interns in 2016 came from underrepresented ethnic groups, up from 4% in 2015”, with new engineering graduates rising from 2% to 9%.

Although falling short on some goals, overall the company is seeing gains in important areas. Increasing their intern pool with diverse talent should be a great way to grow their employee workforce in the future.  In the end as Pinterest continues its push to increase diversity through measurable goals, I believe this is the right step to achieving results.