Remember Ernest Walker, the black veteran who was refused a free meal on Veterans day? Well it looks like the story has taken a turn for the better!

After apologizing for embarrassing the military veteran by taking his meal away, Chili’s has donated to Walker’s new campaign to support veterans. According to the Dallas Morning News, “Walker’s effort, called Feed A Million Soldiers, aims to help veterans deal with the challenges they face as they move from military to civilian life.”  Chili’s not only funded Walker’s project but also gave separate donation of $100,000 to the Feed Our Vets organization.

I totally support Walker for turning a bad situation into a benefit for the people around him. It’s sad that sometimes it takes a terrible moment such as this to get people to support groups in need like military veterans, but it instead of simply suing a corporation for money like so many others in his situation, Walker created a positive impact on the veteran community.

We need more people dedicated to service like Ernest Walker.