Are CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technologies too complex and expensive for small enterprises? Some believe they are which is why small business owners may be slow to embrace the technology.

CRM is an approach to managing a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. Surveys from Salesforce and others have indicated that small business owners will need more cloud based reporting apps in the future for customer communication.  It is said that customers are currently “expecting them [companies] to respond quickly via the communication channels of their choices.”

In an effort to advance small business technology, here are two ways small business owners may be hurting due to a lack of a CRM:

  1. According to Jamie Domenici, vice president for small business marketing at Salesforce, “There is a common misconception that CRM, automation and other technologies are too complex for small businesses, but in fact, they’re easier to use than ever and can help them work smarter, save time and connect with their customers in new ways.” This is the age of social media and customers are expecting companies to interact digitally
  2. Cloud is the peak of power for entrepreneurs. CRM could help small business owners, new and old, work smarter, and more productively. “GoDaddy’s 2016 “Global Entrepreneur Survey, conducted this summer by Morar Consulting, noted that the growing availability of affordable and easy-to-use cloud technologies is arguably the single most important propellant for entrepreneurial growth.  "The ability to leverage trillions of dollars of digital infrastructure has wiped away a good deal of the risk of starting a new business, and has encouraged entrepreneurs to take the leap.”

-Ray Hayes

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